Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reflections with a Side of Regret

Five things I've learned from writing a food blog - so far:

1. When developing/tweaking a recipe, it is handy to have a pen and paper at the ready so that you can take notes and not get the difference between tsp and tbsp all wrong.

2. Pen and papers will combust when placed too close to the stove.

3. Do not let a toddler add salt to anything.

4. When letting a toddler "help" you cook, they will inevitably attempt to brush their teeth with a steak knife.

5. The FedEx guy carrying your husband's birthday present DOES NOT take precedent over the meat you are browning.

Learn from my mistakes, friends, learn from my mistakes.


  1. Haha at least you get around to brushing Ellie's teeth! I think we should just let Addie brush with a steak knife- probably would give her teeth a better cleaning than they get now! Lol and yes, I have made the mistake of getting the door or re starting the Barney DVD in the middle of making dinner....indeed it has not made good results!

  2. It is so true - Norah has totally tried to brush her teeth with a steak knife. Why?!